Les Ville-Laines @ Journées de la Culture

The Journées de la culture are a Québec-wide initiative to raise awareness of the importance of culture and the need to provide greater access to art and culture for all Quebecers. The Journées de la culture are coordinated by Culture pour tous, an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the democratization of culture in Québec. A recognized leader in cultural mediation and democratization, Culture pour tous develops and produces other projects and initiatives that foster access to creative actions and cultural participation.

The Ville-Laine‘s participation to the Journées de la Culture went threeway. Firstly, as a part of the official program, they set up a big yarn bomb in Lionel-Groulx metro station. The one-hour activity of public assembling went acconrdingly, but some technical problems with STM permits cancelled the staying of the artwork on site, and the disappointed girls had to leave with the knits, leaving the site cozy-less.

It makes me rethink the integration of a street practise in a cultural/artistic institution. Should what is born in the streets stay in the streets, or should we try again to reach a different audience by collaborating with the art world? The question remains unanswered, as everyone has it’s own opinion on the subject.

On a more traditionally mischievous way, the Ville-Laines also illegally yarn bombed a subway pole, which was much more of a successfull activity.

And finally, also as a part of the Journées de la Culture, the girls hosted a knitting workshop in the Père Ambroise public library. Mediation and forging local community social links is most certainly one of the collective’s biggest objective. With the success of the workshop, they decided to leave the failed metro installation in the library instead. Great idea!


One response to “Les Ville-Laines @ Journées de la Culture

  1. This is a great yarnbombing blog . The tags are so varies , beautiful , political and powerful. I’m enjoying emphasis on knitting being free. Thanks for writing ! streetcolor

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