Editorial: What’s co-opting guerilla knitting

Once I replied to a post comment on some yarnbombing blog about the fact that, no, we don’t want Yarn Bombing to go mainstream. This is what I meant:

Free People’s window display in Soho, NYC

Knitta commissioned work for Gap advertisement

Roche Bobois catalog

Le Lait guerilla marketing in Mtl

Marketing (selling a product) is at the very opposite of yarnbombing’s definition (knitting for free). How paradoxal it is to see so many examples of marketing co-opting yarnbombing so easily.. But maybe this is every counter-cultural movement’s destiny. After all, we can buy a Banksy agenda in the MoMA store, even when anyone who knows a little bit about the artist know that he produces no marketable goods.


3 responses to “Editorial: What’s co-opting guerilla knitting

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