Recap: a few 2012 political bombs

Excluding everything related to the student strike (a much bigger and longer article can be found here). Here are a few activist yarn installations from this year, all photos from the intarnets are not mine:

Occupy Montreal

Occupy Montreal temporary camp on May 15th, by les Zartivistes

Autonomous Neighborhood Assemblies

Autonomous neighborhood assemblies are being organized all over Montreal. These grassroots efforts have come together in the context of Quebec’s ongoing student general strike, as well as the neighborhood casseroles protests organized in defiance of the special law against student organizing and protests.

on location of the first Rosemont/Petite Patrie Neighborhood Autonomous Assembly, by Ben la Laine

Free Pussy Riot!

Free Pussy Riot! by ZOLA

–> see also craftivism by Maille à Part and video action by Les Ville-laines

March 8thWomen’s International Day

ZOLA. Photo source: nefasth

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