Recap: Ville-laines’ last 6 months

Les Ville-laines collective have been veeery busy since I last wrote about them. In case you don’t already follow their blog, check them out out here.

The 5 ladies have participated in diverse cultural festivals and events ( as big as a commission work for Osheaga music festival) in and outside of town. Here are a few of their installations (excluding the things they did outside of Mtl), a video they produced for International Yarnbombing Day 2012 and lastly an interview (in french) on public vs street art in Montreal.

Note: If you want to follow everything Les Ville-Laines do, you can follow their facebook page or blog. But from now on, this site will only talk about non-commissioned yarnbombing in Montreal. 

all work is (c) Les Ville-laines 2012. I do not own the photo rights.

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