Yarnbombing Meunier-Tolhurst park to raise money

I did my little research on the webs and found out about this community project in Ahuntsic neighborhood that happened this October. The yarnbombing was used as a way to attract attention to the needs of this little park left to no care by the city, and raise money on Aviva to build a new space within the park. The yarn was offered and knitted by volunteers from Maileagogo shop, and the whole thing was sponsored more broadly by the association of Fleury st. stores. Sadly the fundraiser didn’t work. In my opinion it would have been much more interesting if a project to revamp the park was handled by an Autonomous Assembly rather than a coalition of store owners, so the ideas could have came from the real needs of the population using the park. But still, I think the idea is there, and the goal was the right one.



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