Insubmissive! a feminist installation by Maille à Part


The context:
The idea for this yarnbombing installation was to identify the collective as radical feminist and fighting against diverse forms of patriarchy. With this particular word that everyone can associate with it’s political meaning, Maille à part wishes to highlight a feminist presence in the public sphere. The word is also adressed to the writers and street artists as an outcry against the misogynist culture within graffiti and street art community. In Montreal, it is not rare to see murals or other street works depicting women in gendered stereotypes, often in provocative poses, skimpy clothes and sculpted body. Most people also tend to associate street art to male artists, and because of these misconceptions, women writers often feel the need to use gendered iconography and feminine styles to make sure they are identified as females and affirm themselves. Yarnbombing is also a way to reclaim what was once a craft associated with domesticity and subvert it’s traditional use into non-fonctionnal artwork in the public sphere.

The video:  ( I suggest you watch it in big res on vimeo to catch the subtitles)


The making of:

Creating 3D letters to spell a significant word to put up in the public sphere was an idea inspired by the urban letters project of the folks from Yarnbombing Los Angeles. Here is how we did ours: metal wire, cushion stuffing and knitting!



–> additionnal photos on Quelques Notes and reflexive text (french only) on Tricot pour la paix


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