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International Yarn Bombing Day – June 11th 2011

2011 was the first year hosting an International Yarn Bombing Day. The project, initiated by a fellow canadian yarnbomber, aimed at strenghtening the network between crafters worldwide, but also publicise the art movement.

In Montreal, Les Ville-Laines along with Heather Utah invited friends, curious and fans to watch and participate in a collaborative knitting event in Square St-Louis. The day was a success as a whole and photos and videos were taken as means of documentation, which were also meant to be shared to who reblogged a lot of the international activities and also possibly send some footage for the documentary in the making.

Knitty Gritty also participated to the festivities with this yarnbomb in Verdun!:

In solidarity with the #Occupy Movement

On October 15th 2011, International Occupy the World Day, a dozen of fellow anonymous montreal yarnbombers under the banner of Collective Maille à Part installed this guerilla knitting piece, to protest against social inequalities worldwide and show their support to the 99% movement.

See the whole post here

During the Reoccupation of Victoria Square in May 2012, les Ville-Laines installed a pole cozy and les Zartivistes also installed pompoms in a tree.

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